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Physiotherapy is a primary care, autonomous, client-focused health profession dedicated to:

  • Improving and maintaining functional independence and physical performance,
  • Preventing and managing pain, physical impairments, disabilities and limits to participation; and
  • Promoting fitness, health and wellness.

(from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association)

What do Physiotherapists do?
Physiotherapists assess a patient's level of mobility, strength, endurance and other physical abilities to determine the impact of their illness or injury on their physical function, whether at work, rest or play. They diagnose the condition and develop a treatment plan to restore movement and reduce pain or limitations to mobility. They treat the condition and help the patient understand its effect on their function. They measure the patient's progress regularly and adjust the treatment accordingly. They also advise the patient on how to manage their condition independently and help the patient prevent avoidable recurrences or complications. Physiotherapists can also advise you on ways to prevent potential health problems from occurring before they arise.

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